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Location: Malibu, CA.
From: Mark Evans

As a successful real estate investor who mentors other investors all over the country the #1, biggest frustration I hear from my clients is “I can’t generate enough leads!”

Actually, most of the time what I hear is “I can’t generate ANY leads.”

Here’s what one of my clients, Tommy, said just last week in an email to me:

Well, it’s pleas like Tommy’s that really get to me. I’ve seen so manyinvestors crash and burn simply because they can’t generate leads.

Well, What If I Told You 
There is an Incredible New System That Doesn’t Just Generate Leads But 
Also Allows You to Earn Hundreds of Dollars a Day in Residual Income?

Would you be interested in learning more? If so, I urge you to keep reading as you are about to discover something very, very exciting!

I think the best way to drive home the true power of what I’m about to reveal to you is to tell you the very true story of two clients of mine.

I’ll change their names to protect their identities but you can rest assured the rest of the story is true.

So these two guys, one in a small town in North Carolina, let’s call him Steve, and one from a small town in Wisconsin, let’s call him Brad, both came to me for mentoring last year. Both were just starting out as real estate investors, both had no experience and very little money in the bank.

There were for all intents and purposes complete, start-at-the-bottom “newbies.”

So now let’s fast forward one year and Steve has stopped investing and gone back to his job at a tire factory in his small town while Brad is a thriving, successful investor who has earned over $1 million dollars.

So what made the difference? Was it personality, was it intelligence, was it work ethic? Why did one of these guys fail so miserably and one succeed so amazingly?

Well, the truth is the reason why one succeeded and one failed wasn’t any of the reasons listed above.

In fact, from my interactions with the two men, Steve was smarter, he had a more engaging personality and he worked really, really hard.

Brad on the other hand was aloof, he acted disinterested all the time, I really didn’t like him much at all, if I’m being totally honest (which I am).

But here’s the thing when it comes to succeeding as a real estate investor it’s not how hard you work that matters.

Steve was one of those guys who worked 10-12 hour days. He used all the different traditional marketing methods to try and generate leads and now he’s back working in a tire factory.

Brad on the other hand looked for the easy way out, he took advantage of my DogNinja System and now he’s living on “Easy Street” with a new house and a new car!

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